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Apple Woods
リンゴのもり Apple Forest
Apple Woods
Pikachu, Butterfree, Charmander, and Psyduck in Apple Woods
Floors 12
Save Spots No
Traps No
Majority Type Grass, Bug
Boss None
Team Members Allowed 4
Pokémon Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Caterpie, Butterfree, Budew, Hoppip, Oddish, Gloom, Paras, Exeggutor, Combee

Apple Woods is an area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness. The player is first sent to Apple Woods on a mission from Chatot to collect some perfect apples for Wigglytuff. However, Team Skull is waiting at the end of the dungeon. Once you reach the end, Skuntank will knock the apples down, and he and Koffing will knock the player out with their "noxious gas combo" and take all the perfect apples. The player will then return to the guild empty-handed.

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