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Anticipation (きけんよち Danger Premonition) is an ability introduced in Generation IV.


In Battle

A Pokémon with this ability will shudder upon being in battle against a Pokémon with any one-hit KO moves and/or super effective moves.

In Generation IV, the move is not triggered by Counter, Metal Burst or Mirror Coat, but beginning with Generation V, those three moves are counted as move triggers too.

Pokémon with Anticipation

Pokémon Type
339 Barboach water/ground
340 Whiscash water/ground
413 Wormadam bug/grass
413B Wormadam bug/ground
413C Wormadam bug/steel
453 Crogaunk poison/fighting
454 Toxicroak poison/fighting
If any of the following Pokémon were introduced before the generation that Anticipation was introduced in, then it won't apply to them until then.

As a Hidden Ability

Pokémon Type
133 Eevee normal
598 Ferrothorn grass/steel
If any of the following Pokémon were introduced before Generation V, then they will not have Anticipation as their hidden ability until then.

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