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(アントニー Antony)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Region: Hoenn
Friends: Ash Ketchum
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: AG010: You Said a Mouthful

Anthony cheated during Pokémon battles by having several other Pokémon ride inside his Pelipper's mouth. They did not know that he had Pokémon in his mouth but were suspicious because Pelipper could use Solarbeam. He said he did not have any Pokémon in his Pelipper's mouth, and right when he said that, Bellsprout fell out of his Pelipper's mouth.


Pokémon Information
Anthony's Pelipper kept Pokémon in its beak so they could use attacks during Pokémon battles that Pelipper couldn't normally learn.
Anthony's Pelipper
Pokémon Information
Anthony's Bellsprout used Solarbeam against Team Rocket but ended up getting knocked out after they figured out Anthony's scheme with his Pelipper.
Anthony's Bellsprout
Pokémon Information
Anthony's Magnemite stayed in Pelipper beak and used its attacks when called upon.
Anthony's Magnemite
Pokémon Information
Anthony's Magby stayed in Pelipper's beak and used its attacks when called upon. Team Rocket first saw it and wondered "Why inside Pelipper's beak is red?"
Anthony's Magby

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