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Anthony (Coordinator)

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(トンペイ Tonpei)
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Region: Hoenn
Friends: May
Class: Coordinator
First Appearance: AG 123: Deceit And Assist!

Anthony (トンペイTonpei) is a Pokémon Coordinator who entered the Hoenn Grand Festival. He first met Ash when Snorunt was practicing its Ice Beam. He had threw himself in front of his Swalot and had his butt filled with ice. He was revived and asked if Ash was in the grand festival. He had his Pokémon contest ribbons stolen by Team Rocket and they nearly got away with it. Ash and May helped him get his ribbons back. He lost to May when the time ran out. He had gotten 52nd place in the preliminary rounds.


Pokémon Information
Anthony's Swalot was Anthony's main Pokemon. It successfully got Anthony through the appeal round of the Hoenn Grand Festival and was used in Anthony's battle with May. May managed to defeat Anthony.

Swalot's known moves are Sludge Bomb, Bullet Seed and Swallow.

Pokémon Information
Anthony's Pinsir battled against May during the Hoenn Grand Festival. None of Pinser's moves were actually mentioned but it appeared to use ViceGrip to stop Combusken's Peck attack. Anthony's words when Pinsir did this were "grab hold of Combusken" so it is debateable about whether Pinsir was actually using Vicegrip.

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