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Anthea and Concordia

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'Anthea and Concordia'
(愛の女神 Goddess of Love
平和の女神 Goddess of Peace)
[[File:Anthea and Concordia|125px]]
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unova
Family: Ghetsis (Adoptive Father)


Friends: Unknown (possibly N)
Class: Team Plasma
First Appearance: Pokémon Black and White

'Anthea' (Japanese: 愛の女神 , literally meaning; "Goddess of Love") and 'Concordia' (Japanese: 平和の女神 , literally meaning; "Goddess of Peace") are two mysterious Team Plasma girls who have knowledge of N's background and past. They first appear in Pokémon Black and White; more specifically, in the game's intro.

In the games

In the game, Anthea is the girl with pink hair and she heals the player's Pokémon. In game Concordia has blonde hair, however, in the intro she looks like she has white/grey hair; she tells the player more about N's backstory and Ghetsis. They also explain that they hold the mantle of the Goddesses of Team Plasma and were recruited to help heal N's wounded heart while keeping him company.

In the anime

Anthea and Concordia appear at the end of BW119: Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation! to help N when he was injured with a Gothitelle and a Gardevoir.


Anthea OD Concordia OD
Anthea Concordia



  • Anthea's name is the Latin word for "Formerly", while Concordia's is the Latin word for "Harmony".
  • Both have the same bracelets as N.
  • Concordia hair is blue in the opening, but her sprite has blonde hair.
  • Both Anthea and Concordia appear in Pokémon Black and White version 2, in Driftveil City wearing formal clothing.
  • They are the only Team Plasma members to: a) Not be battleable and b) Not play any role in the games
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