Anistar City is a city in the region of Kalos, that appears in the sixth generation games, Pokémon X and Y. This city is located in the eastern part of Kalos. It's the seventh city you visit through the natural order of the game.


This city is noted by its great meteorite that proceeds from space, similar to a great crystal, that decorates the west part of the city and makes the function of a sun clock. For the rest, this city is very modern, and it has the seventh Pokémon Gym in the region. It is said later in the game that the sun clock reacts to the Mega Stone.


Anistar City Gym

Anistar's Pokémon Gym is specialized in Psychic-types. Its leader is named Olympia.

Old man's house

Below the Gym, there's a house with an old man that lives alone, and will ask you if you have a Pokémon whose level is 5 or under to make him company.

If you leave a Pokémon and return after several days, you'll find the house empty with a Poké Ball in the middle, with your Pokémon, and a note. This note explains that the old man has deceased and he's thanking you for leaving the Pokémon with him. After reading the note, you'll get a Comet Shard and your Pokémon back. Your Pokémon won't get any experience points.

Man's House

If the player character talks to the man in the house, he will tell them stories and legends about the Legendary Pokémon, Xerneas or Yveltal.

Giant Sundial

The Giant Sundial is a huge crystal that came from outer space. The sundial possess a tremendous amount of energy that is the same as the energy that radiates from Pokémon that can undergo Mega Evolution.




If the player character chooses:


If the player character chooses:


In the anime, Anistar City is home to a Pokémon Showcase hall, where Serena competes against Nini, Shauna and Jessie to win her second Princess Key. The route beyond the city's limits is also the setting of the final battle for Kalos against Lysandre and the Megalith Zygarde.

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