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==Known Moves==
==Known Moves==
{{MoveBoxTop|Type=grass|image=Shadow_Claw.jpg|imageinfo=Shadow Claw}}
|Type = grass
{{MoveBoxMid|Seed Bomb|BW072: The Clubsplosion Begins!|type=grass|othername=The Clubsplosion Begins!}}
|image = Shadow_Claw.jpg
{{MoveBoxMid|Shadow Claw|BW072: The Clubsplosion Begins!|type=ghost|othername=The Clubsplosion Begins!}}
|imageinfo = Using Shadow Claw}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Giga Impact|BW072: The Clubsplosion Begins!|type=normal|othername=The Clubsplosion Begins!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Seed Bomb|BW072|type = grass
{{MoveBoxMid|Low Sweep|BW072: The Clubsplosion Begins!|type=fighting|othername=The Clubsplosion Begins!}}
|othername = BW072}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Shadow Claw|BW072|type = ghost
|othername = BW072}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Giga Impact|BW072|type = normal
|othername = BW072}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Low Sweep|BW072|type = fighting
|othername = BW072}}
|Type = grass}}

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Angus' Simisage
Japanese Name
Trainer: Angus
Ability: Gluttony
Debut: BW072
Current location: With Angus
Angus' Simisage is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Angus.

Known Moves

Move Episode
Seed Bomb The Clubsplosion Begins!
Shadow Claw The Clubsplosion Begins!
Giga Impact The Clubsplosion Begins!
Low Sweep The Clubsplosion Begins!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.
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