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(アオイ Aoi)
Shinx and Aoi
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Hometown: Unknown
Region: Sinnoh
Friends: Ash
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Camping it Up!

Angie (Japanese: アオイ Aoi) is a girl who lives in Sinnoh. She was first seen in the episode Camping It Up!, when Ash, Brock, and Dawn, attended a Week-Long Summer School program for Pokémon Trainers. She serves as the tomboyish rival/friend for Ash, even though she develops a friendship and crush with him later on.


Angie is a tomboyish, hotheaded girl who hates to be looked down upon or seen as weak. She is very confident with her skills, which often leads to increasingly embarrassing situations. She dresses up in boyish-like clothes, which confuses Ash, until she points out that she's a girl. She has short, almost uncombed blue hair. Angie is mostly seen wearing an over-sized, long sleeve green shirt with a blue collar, with green sweat pants with a single white stripe coming down the side of the legs.

A way that showed her hotheaded nature was when she would constantly get into fights with Ash, and her temporary Pokémon, Monferno.

She showed her confident side by testing Monferno, telling it to hit her with Ember and Mach Punch. While doing so, she dodged the practice attacks and taunted Monferno, sparking frustration. The result was that its power grew, and it beat her up to the point of bruises, which she didn't mind.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Angie's only known Pokémon that she herself owns, she has it wherever she goes. During the Pokémon Summer Academy it became friends with Ash's Pikachu.


Pokémon Information
Angie received a Monferno during the Pokémon Summer Academy to train. It was her responsibility to train it for a battle later on in the day, but it had a bad attitude and wouldn't follow her orders. After Angie gained its respect, it fought for her against Ash's temporary Pokémon Raichu but ended the battle in a draw.
Pokémon Information
Angie received Ariados for the Pokémon Summer Academy's Triathlon where it helped her gain a lead in the race.
Pokémon Information
Angie received Lapras for the Pokémon Summer Academy's water section of the Triathlon where she used its Ice Beam to catch up to Ash and the Mantyke he was using.


Pokémon Information
Day Care Lickilicky
While taking care of a Lickitung for her parents, she accidentally allowed it to evolve into Lickilicky. Fearing her parents would be angry, she hid the Pokémon in its Pokeball in a cave but it escaped and caused the people of the town to believe it was a monster. After finally gaining control over it, its Trainer came back for it, overjoyed, because his Lickitung had evolved.
Lickitung → Lickilicky


  • It has been hinted by some fans that Angie developed a friendship with Ash when she saved him from falling. She complemented him and he started to blush. Although the crush was actually hinted in the previous episode when Ash grabbed her hand saving her from being pulled into the rumored Nether-World by a Dusknoir. Angie told him to let go before he got pulled in too, to which Ash replied "I'm never going to let go, even if that means forever!" stunning Angie as she repeated the last word "forever" the actual implications of what she said sinking in. Later on in a later episode, in which Ash and friends help Angie catch a loose Lickilicky in her hometown, at the end of the episode as soon as Ash and the others are out of hearing range, Angie's parents confirm her friendship stating quite a few things about her behavior since trainer school among other things leading to higher and higher levels of embarrassment that makes her absolutely flustered at her parents saying "AH! You guys cant just go saying things like that!!".
  • She stated that she has not started her Pokémon journey at all.
  • In the episode "Up Close And Personable", Angie wore male shorts.
  • Angie revealed to have a big appetite. In the episode "If the Scarf Fits, Wear it", Angie has tried out Brock's cooking and got really fat as a result from eating too much. Her stomach then turned back to normal quickly.

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