Analytic (アナライズ Analyze) is an ability introduced in Generation V.


In battle

Moves do 30% more damage if used after the opponent(s).

Pokémon with Analytic

As a hidden ability

Pokémon Type
081 Magnemite electric/steel
082 Magneton electric/steel
120 Staryu water
121 Starmie water/psychic
137 Porygon normal
233 Porygon2 normal
462 Magnezone electric/steel
474 Porygon-Z normal
504 Patrat normal
505 Watchog normal
605 Elgyem psychic
606 Beheeyem psychic
Hidden abilities were not introduced until Generation V, so if any of the Pokémon were introduced before that, then they will not have Analytic as a hidden ability until then.

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