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{{Missing Image}}
{{Pokémon Character Box
{{Pokémon Character Box
|type = electric
|type = electric
|name = Amphy
|name = Amphy
|image = JE092.jpg
|image =
|trainer = Jasmine
|trainer = Jasmine (Adventures){{!}}Jasmine
|japanese = アカリ Akari
|japanese = アカリちゃん Akari-chan
|gender = Unknown
|ability = [[Static]]
|ability = [[Static]]
|debut = ''[[JE092: Fight for the Light!|Fight for the Light!]]''
|debut = [[GS019: Ampharos Amore|Ampharos Amore]]
|caughtwhere = Johto
|location = With Jasmine}}
|location = At the [[Glitter Lighthouse]]
This '''Ampharos''', nicknamed '''Amphy''', is an {{type|Electric}}-[[Types|type]] [[Pokémon (creature)|Pokémon]] owned by [[Jasmine (Adventures)|Jasmine]].
|evolvesin = Prior to ''[[JE092: Fight for the Light!|Fight for the Light!]]''}}'''Amphy''' is an {{type|Electric}}-[[type]] [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]]. It lives in [[Olivine City]] that serves as a light source for the [[Glitter Lighthouse]]. It appears to be [[Jasmine]]'s and she cares for it at the top of the lighthouse.
==In the anime==
Amphy also appeared in the anime. It was named as "Sparkle."
==In the games==
In Generation II and IV, you have to heal Amphy since it has a fever. This requires a Secret Potion (from [[Cianwood City]]). {{clear}}
==Known moves==
==Known moves==
None of Amphy's moves are known.
[[Category:Electric-type manga Pokémon]]
|image = Sparkles Flashes.png
|imageinfo = Sky Attack}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Flash|JE092: Fight for the Light!|type = normal|othername = Fight for the Light!}}
[[Category:Character Pokémon]]
[[Category:Electric Pokémon]]
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Nicknamed Pokémon]]

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アカリちゃん Akari-chan
Trainer: Jasmine
Ability: Static
Debut: Ampharos Amore
Current location: With Jasmine

This Ampharos, nicknamed Amphy, is an Electric-type Pokémon owned by Jasmine.


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Known movesEdit

None of Amphy's moves are known.

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