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[[Category:Female Characters]]

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Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kanto
Family: Dr. Fuji (Dad), Amber's Mother (Mom)
Friends: Mewtwo
First Appearance: Movie 1

Ambertwo managed to create a “Remember Place” which is where she spent her time. She also managed to communicate with some unconscious cloned Pokémon called Squirtletwo, Bulbasaurtwo and Charmandertwo. Some time later she began communicating with a young unconscious Mewtwo and started talking to him.

Ambertwo and Mewtwo became friends but after only a short time the Squirtletwo, Bulbasaurtwo and Charmandertwo disappeared as they had perished in the real world. Mewtwo was confused to what happened but his confusion turned into sadness when Ambertwo disappeared aswell as what remained of her consciousness faded away in the real world. Just before Ambertwo disappeared, she thanks Mewtwo for caring about her and told him “life is wonderful".

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