This Sharpedo is a water/dark-type Pokémon owned by Archie. It was later obtained by Amber.


Just as Maxie and Archie came to Hoenn with the Red and Blue Orbs they stole, Red and Green pursued them. Red and Green sent Venusaur, Saur, and Blastoise, Blasty, against Maxie's Camerupt and Archie's Sharpedo. Archie and Maxie Mega Evolved their Pokémon, but so did Red and Green.[1] In the hard battle, Blasty and Saur managed to defeat Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo. However, Maxie had Primal Groudon encase Red and Green under some rocks, preventing them from interfering the bosses' mission.[2]

Since their original trainers died, Amber took Archie's Sharpedo and Blaise took Maxie's Camerupt. In addition, both of them took their bosses' Key Stones, allowing them to Mega Evolve Camerupt and Sharpedo.[3] Both Blaise and Amber used these Pokémon to launch an attack to shatter the meteorite that threatened to collide with the planet.[4]

Known moves

None of Sharpedo's moves are known.



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