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Amber's Ninjask
Shizuku's Tekkanin
Amber's Ninjask
Trainer: Amber
Ability: Speed Boost
Debut: Can I Ninjask You a Question?
Current location: With Amber
Evolved: Unknown amount of chapters as Nincada

This Ninjask is a bug/flying-type Pokémon owned by Amber.


As Nincada

While battling Wattson, Amber swapped Pelipper for Nincada, who continued taking damage from Manectric. Nincada resisted Manectric's Roar, since Amber had no other Pokémon available to him at that moment. Still, Nincada evolved into a Ninjask, and, unknown to Wattson, into a Shedinja as well.[1]

As Ninjask

Ninjask continued attacking Manectric. Just as Ninjask went to use Double Team, it got slammed to the ground and electrocuted by Manectric's Thunder. However, Manectric fainted as well.[1]

Known moves

None of Ninjask's moves are known.



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