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Alola is the region (based upon Hawaii) where Pokémon Sun and Moon takes place.

Among the starter Pokémon for beginners are Rowlet, the Grass-type Pokémon (which resembles an owl), Litten, the Fire-type Pokémon (which resembles a kitten), and Popplio, a Water-type Pokémon (which resembles a circus seal, but with a few tricks up its sleeve).


The Alola region consists of four main islands and one artificial island. Currently, the names of:


Alola's name comes from the Hawaiian greeting, "Aloha".


  • This is the third region to be based upon a non-Japanese and Asia-based location, the other two are Unova and Kalos.
    • This is also the second region to based upon an American location (Hawaii), the first is Unova (which is based on New York and New Jersey).
  • It is also worth noting that this is the first region that name is palindromic.
  • The two legendary Pokemon are "Solgaleo," somewhat resembling a lion with a sun motif, and "Lunala," somewhat resembling a bat with a moon motif.
  • Solgaleo has its Radiant Sun Form and its Default Form.
  • Lunala has its Full Moon Form and its Default Form.

An artwork of some pokemon found in Alola

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