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[[Category:Articles needing more information]]
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(マキ Maki)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Alamos Town
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Unknown
Friends: Brock
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Movie 10: The Rise of Darkrai
Voice actor: Emily Williams

Allegra is a trainer who lives in Alamos Town. She got horribly mad when Darkrai sent her Infernape to sleep. Before, she challenged Brock in the beginning of the movie. She beat Brock's Croagunk. She has 2 other friends, each having one of the final evolution types of the starters of Sinnoh. She picked Chimchar.


  • Infernape - Her Infernape went to sleep when all the town Pokémon were challenging Darkrai.
  • Honchkrow - She used Honchkrow to try to clear some fog.
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