Alice (アリス Arisu) is a teenage character from The Rise of Darkrai. She helps Ash Ketchum and his friends get around Alamos Town, since she works as the Alamos Town tour guide. She also plays a song called Oración on a leaf to calm any Pokémon and is also known as a music student.


Darkrai rescues Alice

Darkrai saves Alice from falling.

She used to live with her grandmother Alicia, before Alicia died and befriended her neighbors Baron Alberto and Tonio. Alice befriended a Gallade living in Alamos Garden, which she knew since she was little. When she was very young, Tonio and Alice were playing in the garden, when she slipped and fell. A Darkrai then intervened and saved her life, but Alice bore no recollection of the events, assuming Tonio saved her. She is the best friend of Darkrai.


On hand


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