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XY Alexa
Hometown: Santalune City
Region: Kalos
Family: Viola (younger sister)
Friends: Ash
Class: Journalist
First Appearance: Pokémon X and Y (Games)
The Journalist from Another Region! (Anime)
Voice actor: Aya Endō (Japanese)
Jessica Paquet (English)
Welcome to Kalos! I'm a journalist. My name is Alexa. This may surprise you but Pokémon Professor Sycamore is waiting for you! He said he has a great Pokémon to give you! The professor is waiting up ahead. He's wearing a white jacket. You can't miss him! You have a limited amount of time here. While you're looking for Professor Sycamore, grab your chance to do all kinds of fun things, like using Poké Balls to catch Pokémon. Your incredible adventure with Pokémon starts now!

Alexa is a character from the Pokémon X and Y game. She is a photographer and a journalist from Lumiose City and she is the older sister of Viola.



Alexa is the first person the player character meets in X and Y, and welcomes him/her to Kalos.



Alexa in the Anime

Alexa first appeared along with her Helioptile and Gogoat that she is traveling in Unova region and then, she joins up with Ash that she is planning on going to the Kanto region in The Journalist from Another Region!. A Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
after Alexa is in Kanto region with Ash, Ash decided to go to Kalos region and Ash travels with Alexa in the plane in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! and Alexa leaves Ash and now going on his journey. And in The Journalist from Another Region!, she mistakenly that she looks for her stuff in the wrong side of her bag that her Gogoat reminds her that one of her stuff is in the other bag.


Alexa is a very mature and kind woman towards others, and is very sociable. She is very dedicated to her work as a reporter to take screenshots of any good scene for her to see her story and then at night, when everyone is asleep releases his cover to make it in the best possible way for printing on your book about Pokémon. She loves her job and enjoys filming things with her camcorder.

She is somewhat forgetful, as often leaves her computer in the saddle bags, and her Gogoat has to remind her where she left it.


File:Alexia (anime).png

Alexa has brown hair, like her eyebrows. Her hair is collected and with a tuft of hair that protrudes from her forehead. Se has green eyes and white skin. She wears a tight black and red shirt, and the collar and cuffs are white. Se also wears tight gray pants, brown boots and a fanny pack worn on the waist, where she keeps her Poké Balls.

From the seventeenth season her fingernails happen to be painted red.


In Game

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Pokémon Information
Alexa's Helioptile
He first appears in the EP796. When Helioptile will use an attack, his ears spread like a satellite dish. You can use your tail to charge electrical devices such as camera and computer Alexa.
Pokémon Information
He first appears in the EP796. Gogoat is a very strong Pokémon, and Alexa uses it to carry your computer and other materials, and even for transportation.
Pokémon Information
He first appears in the EP799. When Noivern is confused, bites everything in its path. Just be calm when eating berries Wikano very spicy.


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