For the variant appearing in the games, see Alder.

Alder is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who was the Champion of the Unova region.


Alder is a tall, powerfully-built man with long flaming red hair tied back in a spiky ponytail, tan skin, and dark eyes. His hair resembles the feathery headdress of a Native American Chief. He also wears an outfit that is similar to the garb of a Native American: a tan cloak-like vestments with a black collar, red and orange trim on the sleeves, and orange and black trim across the middle. He wears white pants with ragged ends, and black sandals on his feet. He sports a necklace of six Poké Balls.


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Black & White arc

Alder met up with Marshal near Nimbasa City. The two of them had a battle in the Battle Subway, where Alder utilized Accelgor's Acid Spray to defeat Marshal's Mienshao. Complaining about the mayor's tardiness, Alder left to wander around outside, where he wrestled his Bouffalant and played wholeheartedly with the wild Pokémon, unintentionally forcing the mayor to meet with Marshal instead of Alder.

He delayed for an entire day, and when he returned to the Battle Subway, Alder was surprised that the mayor was not there. He complained that the mayor was impatient and wa surprised again when Marshal told him that, as an ordinary trainer, White would be testing the Battle Subway. He heard White and Black whispering about his irresponsibility and claimed that they were being harsh, though he then laughed good-naturedly, admitting that he couldn't argue with the truth. He told them that he was not "playing" around, but was on a spiritual journey.

He asked White why she wanted to challenge the Battle Subway so badly; White gave him a long, touching speech. His response was, besides staring blankly, to whisper to Black that her story was much better than his; meaning her reasons for challenging the Subway were better than his "spiritual journey."

He later battled N at the Pokémon League and lost.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Drayden informed Bianca and Cheren that Alder retired from being the Champion, since Alder wished to pass on the title to younger generations.[1]


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