For other versions of Bouffalant belonging to Alder, see Alder's Bouffalant.

This Bouffalant is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Alder.


Bouffalant was first seen in Trip's flashback; Alder used Bouffalant in battle where it used Head Charge on a Herdier, defeating his opponent.[1]

BW054 11

Bouffalant appreciates the apple.

Bouffalant later appeared, along with Alder himself, when Ash and his friends met the Champion in person. Bouffalant was used to battle against Ash's Pikachu, who started off with Thunderbolt. However, Alder seemingly waited patiently and did not order a move. Pikachu used Iron Tail and Quick Attack, making Cilan think Bouffalant's fur absorbed attacks. Bouffalant was also hit by Electro Ball and everyone saw Alder was actually having a nap. Alder woke up and ordered Head Charge, but Bouffalant turned around and hit Alder himself. Bouffalant was angry, but Alder apologized and gave an apple to Bouffalant, who happily ate it. Later on, Alder sent Bouffalant to battle a rampaging Gigalith, but soon decided to get Bouffalant out of the battle, since Alder saw Gigalith had a nail stuck in its foot.[2]

During the cosplay event, Ash picked a card. Ash saw Alder and remembered him having a Bouffalant. Ash managed to dress Alder and Pikachu as Bouffalant and succeeded.[3]

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Alder and Bouffalant vs. Trip and Serperior.

As the winner of the Junior Cup Tournament, Trip faced Alder in the battle. Trip sent Serperior, who launched a Solar Beam on Bouffalant.[4] Bouffalant took the attack, but Trip saw Bouffalant's ability was Sap Sipper. Alder just anticipated what Trip was offering, so Trip had Serperior use Dragon Tail on Bouffalant's belly. However, Alder reminded Trip he was the Champion and had Bouffalant use Head Charge, which defeated Serperior.[5]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Alder's Bouffalant Head Charge
Head Charge Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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