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'''Air Lock''' ('''エアロック''' ''Air Lock'') is an ability introduced in [[Generation III]] that negates all weather effects so moves such as [[Sunny Day]] or [[Rain Dance]] will be canceled out. The use of Air Lock ties in with the various myths surrounding Rayquaza, [[Kyogre]] and [[Groudon]], in which it was used to inhibit both the Pokémon's powers. This ability is exclusively used by the Legendary Pokémon [[Rayquaza]]. It is one of two Abilities that prevent weather condictions (the other is [[Cloud Nine]]). In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Air Lock can prevent in-dungeon effects from occurring.
'''Air Lock''' ('''エアロック''') is a {{type|dragon}}-type [[Pokémon Abilities|ability]] introduced in [[Generation III]]. It is exclusive to [[Rayquaza]].
Upon entering battle, the [[Pokémon (creature)|Pokémon]] with this ability ends all [[weather]] and keeps any weather from activating.
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!style="background-color: #{{Dragon}}; color: black;"|Pokédex
{{Abilitylistmid|Dragon|384|Rayquaza|{{type|dragon}}|Air Lock|-|-}}
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!style="background-color: #{{Dragon}}; color: black;"|Sprite
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| style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center;"|[[File:Type_Dragon.gif]][[File:Type_Flying.gif]]
| style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center;"|Natural
==See Also==
[[Cloud Nine]]
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[[Category:Exclusive Ability]]
[[Category:Generation III abilities]]
[[Category:Abilities that Affect the Weather]]

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Air Lock (エアロック) is a dragon-type ability introduced in Generation III. It is exclusive to Rayquaza.


Upon entering battle, the Pokémon with this ability ends all weather and keeps any weather from activating.


Pokémon Type Normal Abilities Hidden Ability
384 Rayquaza dragon Air Lock - -
Please note that the following is updated to concur with the current generation.

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