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Aged Chamber O?

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Aged Chamber O?

One of two chambers in an ancient ruin. One is named "AN" and the other "O?". Odd...

Primary Type Unknown
Capacity 14
Location Relics
How to Obtain
Purchase for 8,000 MD Poke

Aged Chamber O? is a Friend Area in the Relics.

Resident Pokemon

MD Unown O Unown O
MD Unown P Unown P
MD Unown Q Unown Q
MD Unown R Unown R
MD Unown S Unown S
MD Unown T Unown T
MD Unown U Unown U
MD Unown V Unown V
MD Unown W Unown W
MD Unown X Unown X
MD Unown Y Unown Y
MD Unown Z Unown Z
MD Unown ! Unown !
MD Unown question mark Unown ?

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