Adventure Area (アドベンチャーエリア Adventure Area) is the third area of Pokémon Rumble U. It is available when the player completes Jungle Area. The player is able to battle the three bosses, Altaria, Groudon and Torterra, in this stage.

Sweet, Light, and Fluffy


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Pick up 5 or more capsules.
  • Don't destroy any rockets.
  • Use a Pokémon with a power of 320 or more.
  • Use a supereffective move.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Flaaffy 180 Type Electric
Jumpluff 189 Type GrassType Flying
Swablu 333 Type NormalType Flying
Altaria (Boss) 334 Type DragonType Flying
Castform 351 Type Normal
Whimsicott 547 Type Grass

Unexpected Land


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Achieve a combo of 10 or more.
  • Pick up 5 or more capsules.
  • Use a Pokémon with a power of 240 or less.
  • Clear the battle within 100 seconds.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Nidoking 034 Type PoisonType Ground
Flaaffy 180 Type Electric
Torchic 255 Type Fire
Groudon (Boss) 383 Type Ground
Luxio 404 Type Electric
Budew 406 Type Grass
Cranidos 408 Type Rock
Combee 415 Type BugType Flying
Gliscor 472 Type GroundType Flying
Snivy 495 Type Grass
Patrat 504 Type Normal
Deino 633 Type DarkType Dragon

Grab and Go!


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Pick up 2 or more coins by Touch Blast.
  • Use Touch Blast.
  • Use a supereffective flying-type move.
  • Clear the battle in the late morning or afternoon.


Pokémon Sprite Type
Paras 046 Type BugType Grass
Parasect 047 Type BugType Grass
Sunkern 191 Type Grass
Meditite 307 Type FightingType Psychic
Medicham 308 Type FightingType Psychic
Turtwig 387 Type Grass
Grotle 388 Type Grass
Torterra (Boss) 388 Type GrassType Ground
Cherubi 420 Type Grass
Cherrim 421 Type Grass
Audino 531 Type Normal
Petilil 548 Type Grass

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