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==4th Floor==
==4th Floor==
* [[Relic Crown]]
* [[Relic Crown]]
*[[Relic PokéBall]]
*[[Master Ball]]
[[Category:Unova locations]]
[[Category:Unova locations]]

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Abyssal Ruins
海底遺跡 Kaitei Iseki
Abyssal Ruins
Information about Abyssal Ruins
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: Above water - Undella Bay
Weather: Normal
Kind: Sea
Needed HM: Surf, Dive, Strength, Flash

Abyssal Ruins (Japanese: 海底遺跡, Undersea Ruins) is a group of ruins located in Unova. They can be entered by using Dive on darkly-covered sections of the Undella Bay. It is unique in that you can only take 500 steps inside before being removed back to the surface.


  • The access to the 1st Floor requires Dive (HM6)
  • To access the 2nd Floor you need to get there in less than 190 steps
  • The access to the 3rd Floor requires Flash (TM70)
  • The access to the 4th Floor requires Strength (HM04)


File:Undersea Ruins.png

​1st Floor

2nd Floor

  • 27= Relic Vase
  • 28 = Ancient Silver Coin
  • 29= Ancient Gold Coin
  • 30= Ancient Gold Coin
  • 31= Ancient Bracelet
  • 32= Ancient Silver Coin
  • 33= Ancient Copper Coin
  • 34= Ancient Gold Coin
  • 35= Ancient Copper Coin
  • 36= Relic Statue
  • 37=)

3rd Floor

  • 38= Relic Statue
  • 39= Relic Vase
  • 40= Ancient Bracelet
  • 41= Ancient Vase
  • 42= Ancient Bracelet
  • 43= Ancient Copper Coin
  • 44= Ancient Silver Coin
  • 45= Ancient Gold Coin

4th Floor

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