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Abra's Shop Springleaf

Abra's Shop is a location that appears in Hey You, Pikachu!. This is where Abra sells its items.


There are only two of Abra's Shops in the game: one that is located in Springleaf Fields during "Pikachu's Play Days" and another that is located in Ochre Woods during "Pikachu's Daring Days." Abra's Shop is where the player can spend money at to buy items. The items can range from something common like a sunflower or something rare and useful like a watering jug (which is needed to water Oddish and Gloom). Pikachu will be the one to pick the items but the player can tell Pikachu if the item is okay to buy. Sometimes, if Pikachu picks up an edible item, it will eat it quickly costing the player money. Once the player and Pikachu buy an item, they will leave and Abra's Shop will be closed until the next visit of that location. It should be noted that the player can only enter Abra's Shop if Pikachu is close-by.

Abra's Shop is located right in the open in Springleaf Fields during part 2. The player can simply head to the exact middle of the area where Pikachu will quickly follow behind. During the first visit, it is recommended to buy the watering can. The Abra's Shop in Ochre Woods is much more difficult to get to as it is located higher up where the player has to guide Pikachu up a ledge and over a log without it falling off. However, the Ochre Woods Abra's Shop features much more rarer items.

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