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Region: Hoenn
Class: Former Coordinator, Doctor
Friends: Ash, May, Dr. Moss
First Appearance: Delcatty Got Your Tongue
Voice actor: Karen Neill (English)
Emi Shinohara(Japanese)

Abby is a former Pokémon Coordinator that won the Grand Festival on her first and only year with the help of her SkittyJohnny. Later on, she met Dr. Moss, who treated Johnny following a Flygon attack. Abby was inspired to become as great a doctor as he was, and was one day awarded a Moon Stone by him for her breakthroughs in Pokémon message therapy, evolving Johnny into a Delcatty. In the present she meets Ash and friends, treating May's Skitty after breathing in smoke from Ash's Torkoal and teaching it Blizzard.


Pokémon Information
Dr Abby Delcatty
Skitty → Delcatty

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