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AG188: Pinch Healing!

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At the Fennel Valley Pokemon Center, Ash is practicing attacks with his Pokemon while Brock is excited to be cooking with Nurse Joy. His excitment quickly disappears when he finds Nurse Joy unconscious on the floor. They put her in bed and Professor Oak says she needs rest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is incredibly lost from when Harley sent them blasting off, and to choose their path, Jessie throws a stick that hits several Pokemon and damages a small bus passing on the road below.

The bus belongs to a Pokesitter named Matt who is looking after several Pokemon. Ash, Brock, Professor Oak and Scott go to pick him and the Pokemon up. Scott tows the bus back while the kids take care of the Pokemon, but a Bagon runs off and Ash and Matt are unable to catch it. The rest of the Pokemon are brought to the Pokemon Center where May and Max look after them, including a Larvitar that likes to use Sandstorm.

Ash and Matt see the Bagon jump off a cliff and fall into a raging river where it is then attacked by Carvanha. Ash has Pikachu and Sceptile help, with the Bagon eventually falling into Matt's arms. Unfortunately, the adventure has made Bagon sick. They bring it back to the Pokemon Center where Brock and Professor Oak attempt to make it well. While the other kids wait, Team Rocket comes in disguised as "assistant Pokesitters" and steals all the other Pokemon. They take off in their balloon, but Larvitar brings them down with a Sandstorm. The Pokemon are safely rescued and Team Rocket is sent packing by Pikachu's Volt Tackle.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Bagon has gotten worse, but Nurse Joy is better. She manages to heal Bagon and Scott fixes the bus. As Matt prepares to leave with the Pokemon, the kids say goodbye while Ash receives some good news--Brandon has returned, so Ash can have his rematch.

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