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AG181: Thinning The Hoard!

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The Grand Festival continues with appeals as Drew shows off his new Absol. May, Harley and Solidad also do great appeals and the four of them all make it into the Top 16, which are the battle rounds. In the first match, May has to battle Harley. She chooses Munchlax and Eevee while he uses Cacturne and his new Wigglytuff. Eevee and Munchlax easily take out Cacturne, but Wigglytuff badly beats them back. After devising a perfect strategy, May wins. Soon after, Solidad and Drew beat their opponents. Now in the Top 8 May must face Drew! She selects Combusken and Squirtle and Drew picks Absol and Flygon. Will May be able to beat her long time rival?

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