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[[Team Rocket]] decides to go their separate ways after yet another failed [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]] kidnap attempt. Elsewhere, our heroes come across a one-day Pokemon Battle Tournament secretly run by [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] who are having their own problems getting along. [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]] signs up, unaware that while he's battling, Cassidy is preparing to swipe the competitors' Pokemon! Cassidy runs into [[Jessie]] and [[James]] and decides to make James her new team. As for Jessie, she fast-talks her way into a partnership with Butch.
[[Max]] has spotted the villains at work, however, and as Ash is celebrating a victory, he runs to tell everyone what's really happening. Our heroes go to rescue the Pokeballs and encounter Cassidy and James, James unsuccessfully trying to pretend he's Butch. [[Ash's Corphish|Corphish]] cools off Cassidy's [[Houndour]] and Team Rocket's scam is revealed to the tournament competitors, leading to a showdown with Team Rocket minions.
Jessie and Butch try to make a stealthy getaway, but Ash spots them and Pikachu puts a stop to their thievery. Meanwhile, [[Team Rocket's Meowth|Meowth]] is trying to steal a few Pokeballs for himself when he bumps into Jessie and James. They remember the good times they had together and decide to reunite once more. So when Corphish sends them blasting off with [[BubbleBeam]], they blast off as friends--at least for now! The other Trainers are reunited with their Pokeballs and now it's time for our heroes to head to [[Pewter City]].
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