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AG173: All That Glitters Is Not Golden!

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On the way to Pewter City and then the Battle Pyramid, Ash and May encounter a golden Sudowoodo. Ash tries to catch it, but fails. In town, Brock doesn't believe them, but a bunch of people do and want info. After the people mob them for information, they retreat with a boy named Keenan where they learn that Sudowoodo is his. Keenan tells them for some reason Sudowoodo will not come back to him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hears this and decides to capture Sudowoodo, however the townspeople also have their eyes on Sudowoodo! It turns out that Sudowoodo is gold because of an experiment that Keenan performed on it which is why it will not go back to Keenan. Can Ash and friends stop Team Rocket and the townspeople from taking Sudowoodo? And can Keenan get the chance to reconcile with his Pokemon?

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