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AG150: May's Egg-Cellent Adventure

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As Ash and his friends head for the next Battle Frontier stop, May spots a lovely farm. But when she takes a closer look, she's zapped by Voltorb! The Voltorb guard the farm where a friendly couple their daughter Nicolette raise Pokemon Eggs. Nicolette has a Vileplume and wants to be a Coordinator, except she's afraid to leave home. She's not afraid to battle May and Munchlax, however--but May wins, proving her ribbon-winning skills!

Team Rocket hatches a plan to raid the farm by sneaking Meowth and an egg-shaped robot inside. The robot then transforms and swipes the Pokemon Eggs, including one that's about to hatch! Once Team Rocket's villainy is out in the open, our heroes must stop them without hurting the stolen Eggs. Nicolette has Vileplume knock Team Rocket for a loop, and after some scrambling around, the Eggs are safely retrieved. Pikachu then sends Team Rocket blasting off with its newly-learned Volt Tackle.

To everyone's relief, a Vulpix emerges safe and sound from the Pokemon Egg that was ready to hatch. Nicolette decides she's ready now to set off on her own and become a Coordinator--and someday compete against May! As for May, Nicolette's parents give her a Pokemon Egg to thank her for all her help. She resumes her journey with a new sense of excitement and anticipation!

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