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AG149: Wheel of Frontier

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Wheel of Frontier!
(バトルアリーナ! 格闘対決!!)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Battle Frontier Char. of the Day: Arena Tycoon Greta
Episode №: #423 Main: Ash, May, Brock, Max
Aired: JapanFlag October 27, 2005 Recurring: Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag September 16, 2006
Opening theme: Battle Frontier (song) Minor: Scott, Arena Tycoon Greta, Chuck (flashback), Brawly (flashback), Referee, Trainees
Badge(s): Knowledgesymbol Gutssymbol2 Setting: Battle Arena
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, James' Mime Jr., Ash's Snorlax, Ash's Grovyle, Greta's Hariyama, Greta's Medicham
Major event(s)
Ash retrieves Snorlax. Ash arrives to the Battle Arena. Ash's Snorlax is revealed to know Protect and Rest. Ash receives the Gut Symbol. Ash and co. go to the Battle Dome.
Pokémon: Battle Frontier


The gang has nearly reached the Battle Arena. Ash is prepared, while Scott greets them. Team Rocket is practicing with other students at an academy. Their plan is not to get attention, as they may have more chance at capturing Pikachu. A woman and a man tell them to get back to work. For their punishment, they have some bowls on their heads and shoulders while they crouch. This makes more aches and they fall down. The man comes to the woman, telling that Scott found a challenger for her to battle. Scott tells Ash the woman is Greta, a Frontier Brain. She uses Hariyama and Medicham, inspired by the Gym Leaders Brawly from Hoenn and Chuck from Johto region.

As they go out, Ash begins to think and realizes something, telling the others to go ahead. Later, they all came to the Battle Arena. Ash shouts, but Scott yells that they came to challenge, to which the doors open. They enter and Greta introduces herself as Arena Tycoon. Scott introduces Ash to her as the challenger. They want to begin already, so Greta tells him to spin the wheel, depending on how many Pokemon he will battle. Ash spins and the result is two - a 2-on-2 battle. Jessie and Meowth see the gang, so plan to capture Pikachu, though James tells them they have to clean the place, so their plans are foiled. The battle is about to start - Greta sends Hariyama and Medicham, while Ash his Grovyle, and surprisingly, Snorlax!

Greta decides to use Hariyama first, so Ash picks Grovyle. Grovyle starts with Quick Attack, so Hariyama charges with Arm Thrust. Grovyle evades and uses Bullet Seed, but Hariyama blocks with Arm Thrust. Hariyama charges again with Arm Thrust, but Grovyle dodges and counter-attacks with Bullet Seed, but misses. Grovyle goes to dodge, but Hariyama grabs him and pushes him to the ground and pounds him with Arm Thrust. Grovyle uses Quick Attack, so Hariyama decides to stop him, but with such speed, it misses, so Grovyle attacks with Leaf Blade. Grovyle goes to end with Leaf Blade, but Hariyama uses Focus Punch, pushing him to the ceiling and defeating him. Greta compliments Ash on his tactics, but he tells her he just started the battle.

So, Ash sends Snorlax while Greta continues to use Hariyama. Hariyama starts with Arm Thrust, but it is not effective as Snrolax protects itself, just pushing him. Hariyama uses Arm Thrust, but Snorlax evades and headbutts Hariyama. Hariyama uses Focus Punch, and with the attack, it knocks Snorlax out, even if he protected himself. Hariyama uses Focus Punch, but Snrolax evades, with Hariyama's hand being hurt. Snorlax freezes and defeats Hariyama with Ice Punch. Greta sends her final Pokemon, Medicham. Jessie plans now to capture Pikachu, but Meowth tells James and her to wait for a little longer.

Medicham starts with Focus Punch, so Snorlax protects himself, though Snrolax is pushed away. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick, attacking Snorlax. Snorlax stands up, though with little energy left inside him. Medicham uses Focus Punch, so Snorlax counters with Hyper Beam, but misses, so Medicham attacks him. Snorlax is knocked out on Team Rocket, pushing them to the battle field and undisguising them. They charge to get Pikachu, but he blasts them off with Thunderbolt. Greta and Ash still continue their battle.

Medicham charges, so Snorlax uses Ice Punch, but Medicham uses the same move, so Snorlax is frozen. Snorlax rests inside the ice, retrieving his energy, while Medicham uses Focus Punch to break the ice. After some time, Medicham has broken enough ice to free Snorlax's head. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick, destroying the rest of the ice. Medicham uses Hi Jump Kick once more, but Snorlax wakes up and dodges. Snorlax uses Hyper Beam, but Medicham dodges and charges with Focus Punch, hitting him. Snorlax goes to use Hyper Beam, but cannot. Medicham pounds Snorlax with Focus Punches, hurting it badly. Medicham charges with a final Focus Punch, but Snorlax uses Hyper Beam on the ground and is pushed up and goes down, using Body Slam to defeat Medicham. Ash wins this battle.

At the end of the day, Scott and Greta compliment Ash's battle skills, while he tells them he hadn't had such fun for a long time. Greta gives him the Gut Symbol, a proof he fought in the Battle Arena. Scott gives Ash directions to the next Frontier Brain - he/she resides in Battle Dome, south of Lavender Town. Greta wants Ash to keep this battle fire, so he makes this promise.


  • This episode's name is a pun to "Wheel of Fortune".


  • Ash misspelled Medicham with a K.
  • When Ash brought his Pokemon, he had shoes on, but later, they were removed.

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