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AG144: A Hurdle for Squirtle

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As the Saffron Contest begins, Harley apologizes to May, but she yells at him and says she will win the ribbon. May, Harley and Empress Jessiebella (Jessie) make it through the appeal rounds with great appeals. In the battle rounds, Harley goes up against Jessiebella with his Ariados vs. her Wobbuffet. Harley doesn't attack because of Counter and Mirror Coat and Wobbuffet can't attack, leading to both getting a yellow card and they lose half their points. Not wanting to be disqualified, Harley uses String Shot to tie up Wobbuffet and deplete Jessiebella's points. After beating more opponents, May and Squirtle have to face Harley and Ariados in the final round. Will May win the Saffron Contest and get her first Kanto Ribbon?

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