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AG129: A Judgment Brawl

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The first round of the Victory Tournament finds Ash in a tight spot. He has three Pokemon remaining; Katie, his opponent, has four. Katie's Golduck faces Corphish on a water field and uses its attack to confuse Corphish. Luckily, even confused, Corphish is one tough Pokemon! Its haphazard attacks manage to defeat Golduck. Then it's a tense series of battles as Ash rallies and knocks out all of Katie's Pokemon until only her Walrein remains!

Walrein knocks out Swellow and Corphish with no problem, but Ash's spur of moment tactics and Grovyle's fighting ability are still a forceto be reckoned with. Walrein's Ice Beam has the side effect of freezing over the water which means it can no longer dive to avoid attacks and Grovyle takes full advantage of the situation to strike fast and hard. Victory to Ash!

The next round draw is completed, and to their mutual shock, Ash and Morrison will be battling each other. Morrison runs off, stunned by the thought of battling his friend.

The next day, Ash and Morrison begin their match. Morrison doesn't have the heart to battle and his Girafrig is quickly beaten by Corphish. Will he recover in time to make it a good match or will this experience affect his friendship with Ash?


  • The dub title comes from the phrase "A judgement call".
  • This is one of the few episodes (prior to Best Wishes) when Team Rocket doesn't blast off or recite their motto in any form.


  • On the scoreboard, Walrein's head is blue instead of white.
  • Although the announcer and Ash's friends note how Swellow's Quick Attack powered up its Aerial Ace against Scizor, Ash only commanded Swellow to use Quick Attack at that moment, not Aerial Ace.
  • In a reversal of a dub error from Saved by the Beldum!, a Machoke is referred to as a Machamp, even having its cry.
  • While Ash is using Grovyle to battle Walrein, Max points out that Ash is using the "hit and away" tactic, but in the previous episode it was called the "hit and run" tactic.
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