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AG126: Saved by the Beldum

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Where's Morrison? That's the question on Ash's mind as he trains his Pokemon in preparation for the big tournament in Ever Grande City. When Morrison finally makes his appearance, he and Ash immediately start up their friendly rivalry again which leads to them falling into a Team Rocket pit trap! Tyson and his Meowth show up just in time to help out--Tyson's Meowth defeats Team Rocket's Meowth once more, using Iron Tail to send the villains flying.

Once everyone is registered for the tournament, the one-on-one preliminary rounds get underway. Morrison and Beldum face a Trainer with an Electabuzz and Morrison is relying solely on Beldum's Take Down attack. This doesn't work too well until Beldum evolves into Metang and wins the match. As for Tyson, his Meowth takes some hits from a Persian, then comes back to win its first round. But once Persian is knocked out, Meowth charges after it and Tyson must recall it to its Pokeball.

Tyson later explains why his Meowth is so troubled. When he met Meowth, it was lying hurt in a forest after a Persian defeated it in a battle for leadership. Tyson took care of Meowth which was how it got its boots--originally they were just to help protect its injured legs. But to this day, it still has a grudge against Persian. Team Rocket's Meowth overheard the story and he is touched.

And now it's Ash's turn to battle! Pikachu handily wins its round, so all three Trainers can look forward to their next challenge in the Hoenn League.

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