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AG112: Showdown at Linoone

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Ash is now three months away from Ever Grande City and the Hoenn League, while May is gearing up for her next contest in. But after they stop for a rest, two of May's Pokeballs suddenly vanish! All evidence points to a Linoone as the culprit. Ash tracks it to a house and meets Kimmy and his family. Kimmy is a boy whose Linoone, Tokin, is obsessed with collecting round objects--even if they're not his! Kimmy and his parents help search, but there's no sign of May's Pokeballs until Tokin appears with the Pokeballs still in his mouth.

Team Rocket, impressed by Tokin's Pickup ability, capture Tokin and fly off in their balloon. Kimmy tries to stop them, but falls and gets hurt which startles Tokin into dropping the Pokeballs. Pikachu frees Tokin, but Team Rocket simply grabs Pikachu instead and flees.

Tokin chases Team Rocket's round balloon--it likes round objects because it used to play Fetch with Kimmy when it was still a Zigzagoon. James' Cacnea tries to stop Tokin with Needle Arm, but this accidentally pops the balloon and lets Tokin rescue Pikachu. Team Rocket comes back for more, so Pikachu and Tokin hit them with a double Thunderbolt and blast them off at last! Kimmy now understands that even though Tokin changed when it evolved, the two of them are still friends.

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