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The gang reached the Muscle Island. They will take the last boat to the Mossdeep Island. Brock tells them they will come to the City tomorrow when they wake up in the boat. As they walk near a rock-slide, they hear some people. Team Rocket's submarine has been washed on coast, so they quickly go out of it. When they realize nothing happened, a wave takes the submarine into the sea's depths. As they argue whose fault it is, they hear some people training. The gang appears, seeing the people training as well. The coach, named Rocky, introduces himself to the gang. He leads the (unofficial) Gym on Muscle Island.

Rocky tells them that there is nothing else on the island, besides the Gym and the ferry - not even a store. Rocky will share some of their food to the gang, so in return they want to hear the stories from them. The gang introduces themselves to Rocky. Since a new boat won't turn up until afternoon, Rocky thinks they should exercise for a while. Everyone (except May) want to train. Team Rocket spy, so Meowth thinks they should exercise - becoming stronger will make the boss employ them as bodyguards, relaxing him. Jessie thinks it is a terrible idea, but James thinks they might be out of shape, being blasted off all the time. A trainer comes, inviting them to train.

Max tries to lift a metal Poké Ball, but with no success - a trainer tells him it weighs 30 pounds. May is exercising on a static bike, cycling it. A female trainer tells her that she will become a better trainer with that. Ash and Pikachu climbed up a rope, so Rocky turns the machine, spinning them. Ash and Pikachu need to grab the rope at the same time, but fail. The gang sees Team Rocket running on a track, confusing them. They tell Rocky they are up to no good, but Rocky tells them they have not done anything bad - yet. Rocky wonder why Ash is going to Mossdeep, and when he tells him he goes for the 7th badge, Rocky proposes a battle before the fight. Ash accepts the challenge. Brock, May and Max go to support Ash, but Rocky tells them no fans allowed.

Meowth hears them and tells James and Jessie to get Pikachu while it is exhausted, but they are in their own thoughts, not listening to him. At the battlefield, Rocky tells Ash it would be better to have a Double Battle, so Ash accepts. Rocky sends Quagsire and Walrein, while Ash sends Pikachu and Grovyle. Pikachu starts with Thunderbolt on Walrein, but Quagsire comes and negates the attack, since it is a Ground type, too. Max, May, Brock and Team Rocket begin to be exhausted, although James has not lost his enthusiasm. Walrein attacks using Ice Ball, but Pikachu and Grovyle evade with Quick Attack. Pikachu attacks with Iron Tail and Grovyle with Leaf Blade, but both fail when Quagsire and Walrein switched sides.

Walrein uses Ice Ball. Pikachu tries to attack him with Thunderbolt, but Quagsire comes, negating it. Walrein continues the attack, hurting both of Ash's Pokémon. Rocky thought that on land, trainers would be more of a challenge, but seems to think it isn't. Ash decides to prove him wrong. May, Max and Brock train more (even if they have aches in every part of the body), while Team Rocket run more on the track. Meowth and Jessie make distraction, saying they saw an UFO, but James still continues to run, so their plan fails. Grovyle uses Bullet Seed, although both Pokémon hide behind the stones. Walrein launches an Ice Ball. Pikachu uses Iron Tail and Grovyle Leaf Blade to stop, but fail - the ball is bigger than before.

Max, Brock and May convince the trainers they left something on their boats, so they go grab it. Team Rocket do the same thing (even if James told them their submarine sank). Walrein launches another ball, but Pikachu and Grovyle evade. Ash notices the bigger the ball is, the more time it needs to be launched. Walrein goes to make one last Ice Ball. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Quagsire defends Walrein. Grovyle follows with Leaf Blade, so Quagsire falls, leaving Pikachu to defeat Walrein with Thunder. Rocky returns his Pokémon and praises Ash for the battle. Ash promises to battle Rocky. May, Max and Brock come to Ash, so Ash tells him he won. At the afternoon, the gang is seen on a ship to Mossdeep Island. Ash and Pikachu are determined to fight the Mossdeep City's Gym leader. James and Jessie (disguised) come to them, saying Pokémon are not allowed to get aboard. As they go to pull Pikachu, they fail, so undisguised themselves. Jessie takes Pikachu, but the gang pulls the net. Pikachu electrocutes everyone (making Team Rocket blast off), but in so doing, the gang flies off in another direction.


  • Featured Pokémon: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath

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