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A Shroomish Skirmish
(森の格闘王!? ワカシャモvsキノガッサ!)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Challenge Char. of the Day:
Episode №: #356 Main: Ash, May, Max, Brock
Aired: JapanFlag June 24, 2004 Recurring: Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag June 11, 2005
Opening theme: This Dream Minor: None
Badge(s): Stonebadge Knucklebadge Dynamobadge Heatbadge Balancebadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Swellow, Ash's Grovyle, Ash's Corphish, Ash's Torkoal, Brock's Mudkip, Brock's Forretress, Brock's Lombre, May's Skitty, May's Bulbasaur, May's Torchic → May's Combusken, Shroomish (multiple), Breloom (multiple; evolved)
Major event(s)
May's Torchic evolves into Combusken. May's Combusken learns Fire Spin and Sky Uppercut.
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge

A Shroomish Skirmish (Japanese: 森の格闘王!?ワカシャモVSキノガッサ! The Forest's Fighting King! Combusken VS Breloom!) is the 42nd episode of Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.

Episode Plot

The gang takes a break in a forest. Everyone eats what Brock made for lunch. Ash's Corphish has eaten all its food and spots Torchic eating its food, but Torchic blocks Corphish. Corphish eats its food, making Torchic cry. May and Ash arrive and Ash forces Corphish to apologise, but they bicker. Mudkip and Pikachu arrive to calm them down. Torchic and Corphish start to battle - Torchic attacks with Ember and Corphish with Bubble Beam. Pikachu has no choice but to electrocute everyone to calm them down.

Torchic and Corphish battle, so Ash, Brock and May send most of their Pokémon back to their Poké Balls. Team Rocket starves, wanting to eat *something*. An apple rolls to them and everyone grabs it. They spot some Shroomish with apples on their heads, so they go to take them. Meanwhile, Torchic and Corphish still battle, even kicking Pikachu and Mudkip for standing in their way. Grovyle uses Leaf Blade, calming them down. Torchic begins to cry and goes to May. Shroomish begin to revolt while Team Rocket eats their apples. More Shroomish appear, and despite Team Rocket still eating, those Shroomish evolve to Breloom. A Breloom jumps and stomps, so Team Rocket run away. They go to the gang and begin to chant, however see more food - they jump and eat it. While they are done, they continue to chant.

Max asks them from what were they running from, so they remember the Breloom - they appear! Team Rocket says that they ate some apples from the Breloom, but Jessie thinks it is justified, since they were all starving. Breloom use Mega Punch, blasting everyone off. May and Mukip are seen on a branch sticking from a cliff. They go away. Corphish and Torchic are seen amidst the bushes. Torchic cries when it does not see its owner. Corphish and Torchic wander off as well. Brock, Ash and Pikachu are seen on a path. They search for others, so Pikachu goes on Swellow's back to search from above. Ash and Brock go as well, but encounter Breloom. Ash goes to battle with them, but Brock pulls him, thinking it might not be a good idea...

Meowth and Max hide behind a bush. Corphish and Torchic arrive near them, rejoining them. Meowth thinks they should wait for someone, but runs to them when they wander off. Mudkip senses something on the fin on its head - Jessie and James arrive to them and pass them and fall down on the branch May and Mudkip were on. Meowth wonders why is Torchic sad, so Max says it thinks it might never see May again, so they go to search the others. Mudkip senses something more - Brock and Ash are running away from the Breloom. Ash battles them, so Brock pulls him not to make the situation worse. Next thing, they begin to roll down a narrow path.

Max, Meowth, Torchic and Corphish came to a canyon. Torchic spots some fruit nearby - soon, lots of Shroomish and Breloom appear. Pikachu and Swellow found them. Pikachu jumps to them, while Swellow goes to Ash. Ash and Brock rolled over, breaking the branch James and Jessie were sitting on. Brock sends Forretress, using Rapid Spin to make the fall softer. Swellow found Ash, warning him of the battle. Pikachu and Breloom use Iron Tail, although Pikachu is pushed to a wall. Breloom attack, so Corphish counterattacks with Bubble Beam, but misses. One Breloom uses Mega Punch on Torchic, but Corphish stands in its way, so Corphish hurt itself. Nevertheless, Corphish tackles them, but a Breloom stomps on it. Breloom wound Corphish, before Torchic's eyes. A Breloom goes to use Mega Punch, but is canceled by Mudkip's Water Gun.

May and Mudkip arrive to the scene. Corphish falls down, being severely hurt. Torchic goes to protect it. Torchic yells at them and evolves to Combusken. Ash, Brock, Jessie and James also arrive to the scene. The Breloom challenge Combusken to the fight. Breloom uses Iron Tail, but is canceled by Combusken's Peck, knocking it over a wall. Combusken attacks with Fire Spin, but the attack fails due to Mega Punch. Breloom attacks with Mega Punch, but it failed when it goes attacked by Combusken's Sky Uppercut. Meowth translates that Breloom wants to end using just their bare hands. Both Pokémon fight very well, but in the end, both fall down. Meowth also translates they are going to pay for stealing apples - Breloom attacks with Mega Punch and Combusken uses Fire Spin, blasting them off.

Combusken and Breloom shake each other's hands, respecting one another's strength and power. The gang goes to eat. Corphish goes to eat the food, but is stopped when Combusken sees the attempt.


"What did they say?" - James
"(Translating for Breloom) Not a bad punch. (Translating for Combusken) Yours too." - Meowth



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