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Love at First Flight
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Challenge Char. of the Day: Romeo, Juliet
Episode №: #316 Main: Ash, May, Max, Brock
Aired: JapanFlag September 11, 2003 Recurring: Jessie, James, Giovanni (fantasy), Nurse Joy
UnitedStatesFlag October 16, 2004
Opening theme: This Dream Minor: None
Badge(s): Stonebadge Knucklebadge Dynamobadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Corphish, Brock's Lotad, Brock's Mudkip, Jessie's Seviper, Juliet's Illumise, Beat, Romeo's Volbeat (multiple), Rapidash (fantasy)
Pokémon: Advanced Challenge

Love at First Flight (Japanese: バルビートとイルミーゼ!愛のダンス! Volbeat and Illumise! Dance Of Love! ) is the 2nd episode of Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


The pair then bow to one another, as dance partners would, and begin flying around one another in a wide circle. Brock identifies them for what they are (Volbeat and Illumise), prompting May and Ash to pull out their Pokédexes: May's identifies Illumise, and Ash's Volbeat. The two Firefly Pokémon are still dancing about. While watching, a Nurse Joy greets the group, asking of they are here for the May Festival, for the dance performance of Illumise and Volbeat. She notes that it is almost time for the practice runs, and indicated two people standing out on the lake's pier, saying they are Volbeat and Illumise's Trainers, Romeo and Juliet.

Episode Plot

The gang arrives at a lake. Brock thinks they should make a break, so which everyone agrees. Brock spots in his book that it is Lake May. May is flattered, but Ash spots a Pokémon flying above the lake. Another one arrives to the first one. The Pokémon bow and start playing a game. The Pokémon are Illumise and Volbeat. When they scanned the Pokémon, Nurse Joy appears and thinks they are for the Main Festival - a Festival where Illumise and Volbeat perform their dance. Joy points at the owners - Juliet and Romeo.

Brock rushes to get to Juliet, but May and Max stop him, as Romeo and her need practice for the Festival. Joy mentions that by legend when someone in love sees Ilumise and Volbeat dance, he/she becomes very lucky. Illumise, along with Juliet, practices. Juliet asks Romeo to get Volbeat, but Romeo drops Poké Balls. Brock is furious, as to why has Juliet a partner like him. Romeo releases 4 Volbeat and practice, but one of them falls in love with Illumise. Romeo tries to control them, but his stick falls into water. Volbeat begin to be out of control and, along with Illumise, fall into water.

Juliet searches for Illumise and Romeo falls into water. Ash sends Corphish and Brock his Lotad and Mudkip to help. Ash and Brock dive to help. Corphish and Lotad go to help Volbeat and Mudkip the Illumise. Mudkip sees Illumise, though her neck is shining. Everybody is on the deck, so Nurse Joy advises to check the Pokémon up. Romeo thanks Ash for assistance. The gang introduces themselves to Romeo. Romeo wishes to be energetic as they are and hurts himself on Cophish's horns, so falls back in water.

Team Rocket spies on the situation. They come up with a plan to steal Illumise and Volbeat, for the boss will be amused when he sees the dance show of Illumise and Volbeat. Rome's Pokémon are in good shape, but he thinks the show will be a disaster. The gang proposes to help him, so he accepts. Romeo begins to train Volbeat, so they make different kinds of formations. The gang supports Romeo, but Romeo says that with Juliet and Illumise things go wrong. One of the Volbeat, Bee, falls in love when he sees Illumise. May asks how does Romeo feel when he is near Juliet, he begins to act nervous. Ash advises Romeo to go to hospital, but May corrects him, saying he is lovesick.

May says that Romeo is in love with Juliet and Bee is in love with Illumise. May blushes by the fact she gets to correct Romeo and Juliet's love. May asks a favor of Ash. In the night, Romeo appears behind Juliet and (with May's help) says that he loves her. Ash, dressed as Juliet, begins to be impatient, but May calms him down. Brock steps in ad shows how he would do. He gives roses to Ash and begins to go after him, but Ash runs away from Brock. Meanwhile, Juliet wonders what is going with Romeo and makes a flashback where Juliet asks if Romeo would marry her and Romeo agrees.

Illumise and Juliet see a spark of light, beliving it is a Volbeat. The Volbeat is Team Rocket's Meowth disgusied as a Volbeat. Illumise arrives and James catches her. Juliet begins to wonder what happened to her. Meanwhile, Romeo practices the romantic speech with Ash. May scolds him and tells him to say "I love you" than "I like you". Juliet overhears the conversation and when Brock demonstrates, he sees her. Juliet wonders if the Volbeat on the lake was his, but when Romeo denies, Juliet says Illumise disappeared with the Volbeat.

Volbeat search the area and go after Illumise's scent. Volbeat go up, so the gang needs to climb the cliff. Ash and Romeo climb up and see Jessie and James dressed as Volbeat and Illumise. Team Rocket goes into the balloon and a hose sucks Volbeat inside. Even Pikachu and Ash get sucked, though they do not enter the hose. Volbeat uses Quick Attack on the cage, but the hose sucks Pikachu and Ash. The hose is about to suck the Illumise and Volbeat, but Pikachu's Thunderbolt makes it broken. Volbeat uses Double Edge, destroying the hose.

Jessie sends Seviper and attacks Volbeat, but Illumise uses Sweet Scent to get Volbeats to her, making Seviper miss. Seviper makes another attack, but Volbeat use Psybeam, blasting Team Rocket away. Illumise kisses Volbeat and Romeo makes his confession to Juliet that he likes her. Brock goes in with flowers, but Juliet says to him that she likes Romeo. Brock is very sad that Juliet didn't pick him. The Festival starts, with Illumise and Volbeat doing their performance.




"I like you Juliet, I really do! Woah, it is the real Juliet." - Brock


  • Featued Pokémon: Mudkip, Roselia, Torchic, Plusle.
    • The "Who's that Pokémon?" answer was Plusle.
  • The dub title is based on the phrase "Love at first sight".
  • For reasons unknown, this episode was pulled over and aired on a later date.
  • This is the fourth episode that makes a reference to William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. The other three are Lights, Camera, Quack-tion, Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? and Fly Me to the Moon and the first outside of the original series.
    • It is also the second based on the play to focus on two Pokémon that are gender counterparts. This time, however, it is the Trainers who are named for the leads.
  • This is the last episode where Megan Hollingshead plays Nurse Joy.
  • This episode marks the second time that Ash has crossdressed. He has crossdressed before in Pokémon Scent-sation!, and again in the future in Tanks for the Memories!. Brock falls madly in love with Ash when he is dressed as Juliet, which hasn't happened before. This is probably because the first time, he was dressed as a girl too young for Brock to fall in love with; the next time Ash would crossdress, Brock doesn't witness the event.
  • In this episode, Team Rocket uses a variation of their motto.


While the Trainer's choice is correct in establishing that Plusle is effective against Mudkip, Roselia, being a Grass type, is also just as effective, if not more due to Mudkip, while not a Ground type yet, commonly carrying Ground-type moves.


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