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AG035: Win, Lose or Drew!

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Win, Lose or Drew!
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Char. of the Day: None
Episode №: #309 Main: Ash, May, , Max, Brock,
Aired: JapanFlag July 24th, 2003 Recurring: Jessie, James, Drew, Robert
UnitedStatesFlag May 29th, 2004
Opening theme: I Wanna Be A Hero Minor: Vivian, Contesta, Sukizo, Nurse Joy
Badge(s): Stonebadge Knucklebadge Setting: Slateport City
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, May's Beautifly, Drew's Roselia, Robert's Milotic
Major event(s)
Robert wins the Slateport City Contest.
Pokémon: Advanced


Ash and the others arrive in Slateport City, where May can compete in her first Contest. Also competing is May's new rival, Drew, and a young man named Robert who uses a Milotic.


The gang is running since May is getting late for getting signed up for her 1st Pokemon Contest. May has made it in time, when the recpetionist checks her card for the Contest. The Contest begins in 1 pm, but it 10 'o clock. Ash's hungry since he ran to the building, so Brock proposes to search for a restaurant nearby. When they leave, Team Rocket, dressed in elegant clothes, go to participate to the contest. Sadly for them, the deadline is over.

Team Rocket are a bit frustrated, but they see a trainer feeding his Poochyena with Pokeblock, so they will steal the Pokeblocks. The Contest begins, so the announcer introduces the judges and explaines that if one has 5 ribbons, he/she may go into the Pokemon Grand Festival. May begins to shake of nervousness and says that she's quite scared, since it is the 1st Contest she participated alone. Ash reminds her what Mr. Big said - if she is nervous, then the Pokemon will be as well.

Drew is standing near them, listening to what they say. It is his turn to participate, so Roselia uses Petal Dance, dazzling the announcer. Roselia uses Stun Spore and Magical Leaf. For the last move, Roselia uses Petal Dance, then Magical leaf to cut the petals. The audience is amazed - Drew and Roselia get 29.4 points. Team Rocket stand in front of the building, dressed as salesmen and plan to steal the Pokeblocks. An old man arrives, sharing his secret to increae their buisness.

Drew appears before May, supporting her in his own way. A man by the name of Robert is on stage with a Milotic. Milotic uses Safeguard, dazzling everyone. The old man shares the secret - they need to mix their own berries so that nobody knows what mixture it is. It is May's turn to come, but she begins to feel nervous, but her friends try to calm her down. May sends beautifly, but slips and falls down.

She corrects herself and sends Beautifly. Beautifly uses String Shot to bounce the frisby off May has thrown to it. May repeats it several times, so Drew is amazed. Beautifly uses Gust to throw the frizby away, but May catches it (almost). To sum up, Beautifly uses Silver Wind, spinning around. May and Beautifly got 24.9 points for the performance. Drew is amazed, so that she gives May a rose in the locker room. The old man continues to tell his secret, but James takes the notes while Jessie and Meowth are bored.

The judges have made their mind up - 8 people (which among them is May) go to next stage. However, brock reminds them that now judges test the battling abilities, something May has not trained much for. The judges have decided which Coordiantor performs with his opponent - it is May vs. Drew! May and Drew step on, with 5 minutes passing on - the Coordiantor with most points left advances.

Drew sends Rosalia and May her Beautifly. Rosalia uses Magical Leaf, but it is deflected with Beautifly's Gust. However, the attack is redirected towards Beautifly. Before Beautifly can evade, it is hurt by the attack, so May loses some points. Ash blames himself for not teaching her more about fighting. Rosalia uses Stun Spore. Beautifly uses String Shot, but Rosalis's Magical Leaf, cutting the string. May loses more and more points, so Beautifly uses Silver Wind, but Rosalia cancels the attack with Petal Dance.

Beautifly dodges the attack, but Rosalia is to use Solar Beam. Beautifly uses String Shot, but Rosalis uses Solar Beam, destroying the string, damaging Beautifly. The judges decide that Beautifly cannot perform anymore, so May is disqualified. Drew disappears and May cries for her loss. May begins to blame herself for the loss. Drew advances, so it battles against Robert's Milotic.

Milotic uses Iron Tail, blasting Rosalia. Rosalia uses Magical Leaf, but Milotic uses Twister, cancelling the attack. As the time passed, Drew lost more points. Meanwhile, the old man (still) gives advice, but Jessie and Meowth have fallen asleep, while James (still) takes notes. Robert takes the ribbon, since he is the winner of the Contest. Drew gets out from the building, with May following him.

May clarifies that she won't lose next time, but Drew also says that he'll be more powerful as well. Max, Ash and Brock promise to train May for her next Contest.





  • Featured Pokemon: Dustox

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