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AG026: Turning Over a Nuzleaf

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Turning Over a Nuzleaf (コノハナ族の襲撃!)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Char. of the Day: None
Episode №: #300 Main: Ash, May, Brock, Max
Aired: JapanFlag May 22, 2003 Recurring: Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag April 3, 2004
Opening Theme: I Wanna Be A Hero Minor:
Badge(s): Stonebadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, James' Cacnea, May's Silcoon, Brock's Lotad, Brock's Mudkip, May's Torchic, Ash's Corphish, Ash's Taillow, Ash's Treecko, Brock's Forretress, Loudred (Anime), Nuzleaf (Debut)
Major event(s)
Ash's Corphish is revealed to know ViceGrip.
Pokémon: Advanced


It's the 300th episode spectacular, just kidding. Wile Ash preps up for his rematch with Brawly, Corphish pinches the ears of a Loudred, causing it to scream. Corphish, along with Pikachu, Silcoon, Torchic, Lotad and Mudkip get lost and soon they encounter a tribe of Nuzleaf. Can Ash and co. find their Pokémon before it's too late?


  • This episode is a milestone because it is the 300th episode made.
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