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AG016: The Winner by a Nosepass

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The Winner By a Nosepass
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Char. of the Day: Roxanne
Episode №: #290 Main: Ash, May, Brock, Max
Aired: JapanFlag March 13, 2003 Recurring: Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag January 10, 2004
Opening theme: I Wanna Be A Hero Minor: Roxanne
Badge(s): Stonebadge Setting: Rustboro City, Rustboro City Gym
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Treecko, Roxanne's Geodude Nosepass (Roxanne's; Debut)
Major event(s)
May declares she will not participate in the Gym Challenge and instead has decided to participate in Pokemon Contests, Pikachu masters Iron Tail, Ash has his Gym Battle with Roxanne and wins the Stone Badge.
Pokémon: Advanced


The time has come! After mastering Iron Tail Ash is ready for his Gym Battle with Roxanne. But before the battle begins, May tells Roxanne she will not be participating in Gym Battles and instead focus on Contests. Roxanne supports May's decision and wishes her the best of luck. With that set aside the Battle has begun. Will Ash manage to win on his first try, or will this end up like his first Gym Battle back in Pewter City all over again?


Ash's Pikachu has nearly mastered the Iron Tail move for the battle in Rustboro City's Gym. However, the second time it fails to do so, so Ash and Pikachu need more practicing. Brock discusses what tactics shouls Ash use against Roxanne's Geodude. Max asks what May thinks of the battle, to which May replies she won't battle, much to everyone's suprise. May explaines that she will be a Pokemon Coordiantor and says that she wanted to travel, but not to be a Pokemon Trainer, however during their travels she changed her mind about them. Ash and Brock support her about the idea.

James is shocked that the woman who defeated them before was a Gym leader. James then proposes to Jessie and Meowth to steal their Pokemon and try as best as they can - by becoming diggers. The gang arrives to the Gym, seeing that workers do their job on the field. Roxanne is pleased to know that Ash and May will start their first Gym battle in Rustboro City, but May explaines that she'll become a Coordinator instead. The workers have done their job, revealing them to be Roxanne's students. Roxanne proposes to have a videotape of Ash and her battling, to which Ash agrees.

The battle begins - Roxanne sends her Geodude out and Ash sends his Treecko. Treecko uses Quick Attack, to which Geodude stops the attack. Geodude uses Megapunch, blasting Treecko away. Treecko uses Pound, and with the improved speed, knocks Geodude. However, Geodude stands up and uses Rollout. Treecko evades, but Geodude goes up in air and uses Megapunch, severly wounding Treecko. Treecko stands up, but falls down soon afterwards. Ash chooses his Pikachu to fight, even if Roxanne does not think that's a good idea. Pikachu uses Thunder, removing most of the stones from the battlefield.

Team Rocket dig the tunnel. Meowth asks where they're digging, to which James responds that they are digging to the Gym and will capture Geodude and Pikachu then get through the tunnel back. That way they won't spend much money on machines. Meanwhile, Geodude blasts the ground to attack Pikachu, but Pikachu uses Quick Attack to evade the rocks. Geodude uses Megapunch to blast Pikachu away and uses Rollout. However, Geodude does not go straight ahead and while it gets up, Pikachu uses Thunder, defeating the Geodude.

Roxanne is impressed by Ash and Pikachu, but the battle isn't over yet - Roxanne brings Nosepass to fight. Pikachu uses Iron Tail on Nosepass. Nosepass attacks Pikachu, but Pikachu dodges. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, but fails to do so. Nosepass uses Rock Tomb to imprison Pikachu, but Pikachu uses thunder to free itself. Team Rocket has digged a tunnel directly benath the Gym.

Nosepass uses Sandstorm, making everyone's vision dim and knocks Pikachu. Nosepass is about to crush Pikachu, but he dodges. Roxanne orders the Nosepass to use Rock Tomb, to which Pikachu dodges with Quick Attack. Afterwards, Pikachu moves around Nosepass, confusing it. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, but fails again, due to amount of energy he lost. Nosepass uses Thunderwave, but Pikachu dodges - James has digged through, so Team Rocket is the target of Thunderwave, so they blast off.

Pikachu charges to Nosepass, to which Nosepass uses Zap Cannon as an counterattack. Pikachu is stricken by the Zap Cannon, and charges to Nosepass, paralyzing it. Pikachu makes the final move, attacking Nosepass with Iron Tail, kncoking and defeating it. Outside, the Roxanne is quite impressed by Ash and Pikachu's abilities, learning much of the battle. She presents him the Stone Badge.





  • Featured Pokemon: Pupitar (US)
  • This is the second time Ash's Pikachu beat a Geodude, The first time being in IL005: Showdown in Pewter City.
  • This is one of the episodes a Pokemon's level is mentioned.


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