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AG008: A Tail with a Twist

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A Tail with a Twist
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Advanced Char. of the Day: None
Episode №: #282 Main: Ash, May, Brock, Max
Aired: JapanFlag January 16, 2003 Recurring: Jessie, James, Nurse Joy
UnitedStatesFlag December 6, 2003
Opening theme: I Wanna Be A Hero Minor: None
Badge(s): Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, May's Torchic, Team Rocket's Meowth, Ash's Taillow, Ash's Treecko, Brock's Forretress, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Jessie's Seviper (debut), James' Cacnea, Nurse Joy's Chansey, Zigzagoon, Beautifly,
Major event(s)
Jessie captures a Seviper.

Ash's Taillow is revealed to know Wing Attack. Ash's Treecko is revealed to know Quick Attack.

Pokémon: Advanced


Ash's newly caught Treecko may be a bit standoff-ish, but the little green Pokémon is quite a fighter. When Team Rocket sees Treecko knocked down and hurt by a Seviper, they decide that they must have that Seviper. Jessie is very impressed with its "sneaky, snakey ways." Meanwhile, Treecko escapes from the Pokémon Center where Ash brought it to recover. When the gang finds Treecko, it is practicing its attack moves. Again and again, Treecko jumps from the top of a waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail. Ash is very impressed with the rigor of its training. All of Treecko's hard work appears to have paid off—when Team Rocket attacks and catches Pikachu with the help of their new Seviper, Treecko is able to save the day.


Ash, Brock, May and Max stop to make a lunch break. May, Ash and Brock call out their Pokemon as well to eat - Treecko, Taillow, Torchic and Forretress appear, though all stare at the Treecko. Treecko climes on the nearest tree, takes a branch and spends time alone.

As the gang eats the food, Ash still ties to invite his Treecko to eat. Treecko then spots moving in the bushes. It is revealed to be a Seviper, who then places a tail so that May's Torchic falls. The Torchic loses its apple, so it searches for it. It founds it, but the Seviper eats it. Seviper prepares to attack, but the Treecko then throws a branch between them. Treecko attacks, but Seviper instead attacks May's Torchic!

The gang arrives, ordering their Pokemon to attack the Seviper. However, Seviper uses Haze to dampen everyone's sight. Treecko spots a nearby tree, climbes it, attacks the Seviper and frees Torchic. The Seviper is angry and uses Poison Tail on Treecko. However, Taillow and Forretress help the Treecko by attacking the Seviper. Pikachu attacks with Thunderbolt, making the Seviper leave everyone.

After the battle, Treecko is severly injured, so the gang leaves to the nearest Pokemon Center. The Team Rocket is watching them, so they agree to capture the Seviper. The gang rushes to the Pokemon Center, while the Seviper is eating more and more of other Pokemon's apples. Team Rocket set up a trap, so that when Seviper goes to eat the fruit from the basket, it would fall into a hole. However, the Seviper notices something is wrong, so it takes the basket with its tail. The Team Rokcet are furious, but fall into their own hole.

James and Meowth then capture the Seviper using the net. Unfortunately for them, the Seviper then bites the net, setting itself free. However, Jessie is more and more tempted to catch it! Jessie, James and Meowth then have lunch, but when they reach for last sandwich, they fight for it, but it falls into a nearby river. Jessie saved the last one for herself, but the Seviper eats it before she does.

Jessie is mad, so she brings her Wobbuffet


Pokémon Debuts


  • The Who's that Pokémon? of this episode is Gligar.


  • Jessie:"AHHHHHHH! Not my hair! My flowing hair is my trademark! Now I'm really mad! You just made a big mistake Seviper!!!"

Seviper is scared.
James: "Poor Seviper."
Meowth: "It knows not what it's done."
Jessie goes on the warpath and claws Seviper.
Meowth: "That's her Fury Swipes attack."
James: "Emphasis on Fury."
Jessie kicks Seviper down.
James: "That's her special Megaton Kick."
Meowth: "And highly effective."
Seviper Faints. Jessie gabs it by the neck.
Jessie: "You riceball stealing, long-hair chomping-"
James: "Wait, wait!"
Meowth: "Easy on the merchandise! Catch it!"
Jessie: "Catch? Oh, of course, that's just what I was about to do."
James: "(phew)."
Meowth: "That was a close one."

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