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4Kids logo 2005-present

4Kids Entertainment's current logo

4Kids Entertainment was the first dubbing company that dubbed Pokémon into English dialogue. They first dubbed at TAJ Productions until Season 8 when 4Kids took over for the dubbing and distribution of the anime. In 2005 4Kids sold the rights of the anime to Pokémon USA who replaced the original voice actors. In May of 2008 4Kids signed an agreement with Warner Bros and CBS Corporation to change Kids' WB! to The CW4Kids. Rumor has it that one Pokemon fan has made up a Simpsons couch gag involving Pokemon USA being attacked for replacing 4Kids Entertainment without giving them a final say. It may be shown in May 2013 with information of a cartoon called Pokemon Legacy with that fan being the shows creator.  Unfortionately, it doesn't seem that the couch gag will be playing anytime soon unless it would be used for a new episode before or after the month of May.

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