3TrainerPoké is a Glitch Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Yellow that can be obtained by trading an 'M (with hex 00) from Pokémon Red and Blue. It is relatively unstable. It is also very hard to catch because it's catch rate is very low.


According to the game, its species is the P'v Aq Pokémon, its height is 23'2" and its weight 1031.6 lbs. 3TrainerPoké's sprite, like those of most glitch Pokémon, is composed of scrambled bits of data. Its color palette consists of yellow, red, white,black and some green.

3TrainerPoké's glitch effects are limited and generally do no severe damage. It does retain the oddities common to many glitch Pokémon, including instant corruption of a player's Hall of Fame. It also evolves oddly; at level one, it can evolve into Kangaskhan, and at level 128, it can evolve into a Clefairy. It is hard to actually witness these evolutions, however, due to 3TrainerPoké's stats and level change at random.

Encountering 3TrainerPoké

Barring the use of cheat devices, 3TrainerPoké can only be obtained by trading an 'M from Pokémon Red or Blue. This is because its hex identifier is 00; no unaltered Pokémon can have a Special stat of 0 (rendering the Mew Glitch useless here) and no text character has a character code of 0 (rendering the Old Man trick useless here).


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