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This Pokémon's true name is incorrect due to system limitations.Its real name is ゥ .4

ゥ .4




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Pokédex Entry:


ゥ .4


.4's Sprite

ゥ .4 is a glitch Pokémon from Pokémon Red and Blue,and its Yellow equivalent is PPkMnp' '.

One of the unique features about ゥ .4 is that ゥ .4 learns the move Super Glitch.Super Glitch is known by fans to be the most riskiest move in Pokémon,as it can destroy save data,and causes a lot of crazy effects,such as Pokémon evolving even if you don't have that Pokémon,to glitch sprites appearing on screen.

Side Affects

Although considered the most dangerous glitch Pokémon,as it can learn Super Glitch,it can have one move overlap it,so that ゥ .4 cannot use Super Glitch.If ゥ .4 evolves,somehow,it will cause many glitchy side affects.Overall,however,if ゥ .4 doesn't evolve,and you don't use Super Glitch,then it is cannot harm the game.


Although ゥ .4 is harmful if it uses Super Glitch,otherwise,it is harmless.If you encounter one in the wild,use a Master Ball,as ゥ .4 could use Super Glitch

That is all,but please,enjoy this glitch music .

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