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Glitch 1

A battle against Chiisai-u

Glitch 3

A Pikachu battling Chiisai-u.

Chiisai-u (ゥ) is a Normal/Ground glitch Pokémon in the Generation I games.

It occupies slot 205 in the game and evolves into the Pokémon Spearow at Level 9 and then into Fearow at Level 20. The game crashes when the Pokémon is encountered or sent into battle. It can only be obtained in the wild through method #3 of the Mew Glitch with a Special of 193. It can be found on Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.


  • This Pokémon shares its most of its data with pT, PC4SH, and PkMnaPKnfPknk.
  • Chiisai-u (ゥ) has the highest base stats of all Pokémon (real and glitch)
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