Glitch 1

A battle against Chiisai-u

Glitch 3

A Pikachu battling Chiisai-u.

Chiisai-u (ゥ) is a Normal/Ground glitch-type Pokémon in the Generation I games.

It occupies slot 205 in the game and evolves into the Pokémon Spearow at Level 9 and then into Fearow at Level 20. The game crashes when the Pokémon is encountered or sent into battle. It can only be obtained in the wild through method #3 of the Mew Glitch with a Special of 193. It can be found on Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Green, and Pokémon Yellow.


  • This Pokémon shares its most of its data with pT, PC4SH, and PkMnaPKnfPknk. That means if pT, PC4SH, and PkMnaPKnfPknk counted, it means as of Gen V, Ground has paired with every type except for Fighting. Same thing with Flying type.
  • Chiisai-u (ゥ) has the highest base stats of all Pokémon.

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