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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
chat (Talk)Chat
chat-ban-already-banned (Talk)$1 is already banned from chat on this wiki.
chat-ban-cannt-undo (Talk)Ban has already been undone
chat-ban-cant-ban-moderator (Talk)You cannot kick/ban another Chat Moderator.
chat-ban-contributions-heading (Talk)Ban from chat
chat-ban-modal-button-cancel (Talk)Cancel
chat-ban-modal-button-change-ban (Talk)Change Ban
chat-ban-modal-button-ok (Talk)Ban this user
chat-ban-modal-change-ban-heading (Talk)Change this user's chat ban
chat-ban-modal-change-ban-label (Talk)Change to
chat-ban-modal-end-ban (Talk)End Ban
chat-ban-modal-heading (Talk)Ban this user from chat
chat-ban-modal-label-expires (Talk)Expires
chat-ban-modal-label-reason (Talk)Reason
chat-ban-option-list (Talk)2 hours:2 hours,1 day:1 day,3 days:3 days,1 week:1 week,2 weeks:2 weeks,1 month:1 month,3 months:3 months,6 months:6 months,1 year:1 year,infinite:infinite
chat-ban-you-need-permission (Talk)You do not have the $1 permission which is required to kick/ban a user.
chat-browser-is-notsupported (Talk) Your browser is not supported. For the best experience, use a <a href="">newer browser</a>.
chat-chatban-log (Talk)Chat ban log
chat-chatbanadd-log-entry (Talk)banned $1 from chat with an expiry time of $2, ends $3
chat-chatbanchange-log-entry (Talk)changed ban settings for $1 with an expiry time of $2, ends $3
chat-chatbanremove-log-entry (Talk)unbanned $1 from chat
chat-chatconnect-log (Talk)Chat connection log
chat-chatconnect-log-entry (Talk)connected to $1 from address $2
chat-checkuser-join-action (Talk)Joined Chat
chat-contributions-ban-notice (Talk){{GENDER:$1|This user}} is currently banned from chat. The latest chat ban log entry is provided below for reference:
chat-desc (Talk)[[Special:Chat|Live chat]]
chat-edit-count (Talk){{PLURAL:$1|$1 edit|$1 edits}}
{{PLURAL:$1|$1 edit|$1 EXP}}
chat-err-already-chatmod (Talk)Error: "$1" is already in the "$2" group.
chat-err-communicating-with-mediawiki (Talk)Error communicating with MediaWiki server.
chat-err-connected-from-another-browser (Talk)You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed.
chat-err-invalid-username-chatmod (Talk)Error: Couldn't find user "$1"
chat-err-no-permission-to-add-chatmod (Talk)Error: You do not have permission to add the "$1" group to this user.
chat-great-youre-logged-in (Talk)Great! You're logged in.
chat-inlinealert-a-made-b-chatmod (Talk)$1 has made <strong>$2</strong> a chat moderator.
chat-join-the-chat (Talk)Join the Chat
Join the Battle
chat-kick-cant-kick-moderator (Talk)You cannot kick another Chat Moderator.
chat-kick-you-need-permission (Talk)You do not have permissions to kick a user.
chat-live2 (Talk)Live! Chat
Pokémon Center
chat-log-reason-banadd (Talk)Misbehaving in chat
chat-log-reason-banchange (Talk)No reason given
chat-log-reason-banremove (Talk)No reason given
chat-log-reason-undo (Talk)undo
chat-member-since (Talk)Member since $1
Trainer since $1
chat-missing-required-parameter (Talk)'$1' is required but was not found in the request.
chat-no-login (Talk)You must be logged in to chat.
chat-no-login-text (Talk)[[Special:UserLogin|Please login]], and then open chat again.
chat-private-headline (Talk)Private chat with $1
One on one battle with $1
chat-private-messages (Talk)Private Messages
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