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Welcome to the Pokémon wiki!

The Pokémon wiki, or Pokémon Center (see Pokémon:Naming issues) is an encyclopedia completely dedicated and pertaining to Pokémon. There is, however, a difference — since we're a wiki, all , or most pages here can be edited by absolutely anyone, at anytime, without permission — as long as, of coarse, you're making good changes. So feel free to jump in and start editing!

Recent news

  • Pokémon wiki is in need of a better, more unique name, so we're holding a naming contest. If you can think of something original, head on over to naming issues and submit your entry.
  • Not only do we need a name, we also need a logo. You can enter the logo contest I've set up over at the logo contest — just draw up a logo for us, which, by the way, must be 128x128px, and either I'll choose the logo or we'll vote (depending on population at time of said logochoosing).

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