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{{Pokémon Character Box
Fuck Rune Zekrom
|name = Ash's Tranquill
|japanese = Satoshi's Hatooboo
|image = Ash Tranquill.png
|trainer = Ash
|gender = Female
|ability = [[Super Luck]]
|debut = BW002: Enter Iris and Axew
|episodecaught = [[BW002: Enter Iris and Axew]]
|caughtwhere = [[Unova Route 1|Route 1]]
|location = With Ash
|episodesuntilevolved = '''20''' episodes as a Pidove|OT = |evolvesin = [[BW022]]|type = flying}}'''Ash's Tranquill''' is the first Pokémon that [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]] obtained in the [[Unova]] region.
===As a Pidove===
[[File:Ash Mamepato.png|left|thumb|Tranquill as a Pidove]]
Pidove was caught soon after [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]] began travelling in [[Unova]] in [[BW002: Enter Iris and Axew]]. Ash tried to catch another Pidove beforehand, but the rest of the flock attacked himself and [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]] and flew away, leaving this particular Pidove pecking at the ground. She proved herself to be a strong battler, holding her own against Pikachu before being knocked out by his [[Thunderbolt]] and caught by Ash.
<br />Pidove was then sent out in an attempt to rescue Pikachu and [[Iris' Axew|Axew]] from capture by [[Team Rocket]]. However, it was easily defeated by [[Jessie]] and her newly-caught [[Jessie's Woobat|Woobat]].
<br />Pidove has mainly been used by Ash to search for other Pokémon, as seen when she was used to find two wild [[Darumaka]] in [[BW008: Saving Darmanitan From the Bell!]] and a wild [[Ash's Snivy|Snivy]] in [[BW007: Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!]]. She played a major role in Snivy's capture, as she was unable to be affected by Snivy's [[Attract]].<br />
Pidove was used against [[Trip]]'s [[Frillish]] in [[BW010|BW010: A Rival Battle for Club Champ!]]. She was quickly defeated by Frillish's [[Water Pulse]]. She was later sent to [[Professor Juniper]]'s lab in [[BW018]] to make room for [[Ash's Sewaddle]], but was returned to his party in [[BW021]].
===As a Tranquill===
In [[BW022]], she helped clear out a swarm of [[Venipede]] from [[Castelia City]]. She was nearly hit by a [[Sludge Bomb]], but was saved by [[Trip's Tranquill]]. She then cleared a few more Venipede and suddenly evolved into a [[Tranquill]].<br />
As of [[BW025]], Tranquill was sent back to Professor Juniper's lab while Swadloon stayed on Ash's team but later in [[BW032]] Ash Brought it back.
==Known Moves==
|Type = flying
|type = flying
|image = Tranquill Gust.png
|imageinfo = Gust}}{{MoveBoxMid|type = flying
|Gust|BW002: Enter Iris and Axew|othername = Enter Iris and Axew}}{{MoveBoxMid|type = normal
|Quick Attack|BW002: Enter Iris and Axew|othername = Enter Iris and Axew}}{{MoveBoxMid|type = flying
|Air Cutter|BW002: Enter Iris and Axew|othername = Enter Iris and Axew}}{{MoveBoxEnd
|Type = flying}}
==In the games==
===Mystery Egg event===
A Japanese event in December 2010 and at Toys R Us in the United States in May 2011 randomly distributed in-game representations of [[Cilan's Pansage]], Ash's Pidove and [[Iris' Axew]]. Pidove is always female and has the ability [[Super Luck|Super Luck.]]
|NoP = 1
|FileP1 = Pidove_BW_Sprite.png
|P1 = Pidove
|GP1 = ♀
|T1P1 = Normal
|T2P1 = Flying
|LvP1 = 1
|AbiP1 = [[Super Luck]]
|ItemP1 = None
|M1P1 = [[Gust]]
|M2P1 = [[Quick Attack]]
|M3P1 = [[Air Cutter]]
|M4P1 = - }}
*Tranquill's ability was revealed in a giveaway of eggs containing the three main character's Pokémon.
*Tranquil is the first pokemon Ash caught in the Unova region.
*It hasn't been in a gym battle yet.
==Episode Appearances==
===As a Pidove===
|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW002
|title = BW002: Enter Iris and Axew
|titleothername = Enter Iris and Axew}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW007
|title = BW007: Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!
|titleothername = Snivy Plays Hard to Catch}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW008
|title = BW008: Saving Darmanitan From the Bell!
|titleothername = Saving Darmanitan From the Bell}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW010
|title = BW010: A Rival Battle for Club Champ!
|titleothername = A Rival Battle for Club Champ}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW011
|title = BW011: A Home for Dwebble!
|titleothername = A Home for Dwebble!}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW012
|title = BW012: Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!
|titleothername = Here Comes The Trubbish Squad!}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW017
|title = BW017
|titleothername = Scraggy - Hatched to be Wild}}{{EpisodeAppearEnd
|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
===As a Tranquill===
|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW022
|title = BW022
|titleothername = A Venipede Stampede!}}
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW032
|title = BW032
|titleothername = The Lovestruck Monmen Rides the Wind! }}{{EpisodeAppearMid
|season = Pokémon: Black and White
|EP# = BW033
|title = BW033
|titleothername = Ligray and the Unidentified Flying Object!}}{{EpisodeAppearEnd
|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
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